Public television and reality

On November 20, a number of topics were not touched upon during the newscasts of Public Television, and the actions of civil disobedience in the capital and in the city of Gyumri were presented without some episodes, in particular, the rude attitude of the police towards citizens, including women. It was covered in the form of a report only during the main newscast, in other issues it was presented briefly, lasting about 33 seconds, without citing any of the opposition representatives.

The Public TV did not report that today the wife of the third President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, Rita Sargsyan, passed away from the coronavirus. It did not touch upon the memorial service for the former chairman of the “Yerkrapah” Volunteer Union Manvel Grigoryan, as well as the video recording of the cruel treatment of 80-year-old captive old man, which was disseminated by Azerbaijanis, in relation with which the Artsakh Ombudsman appealed to the ICRC. Public TV did not touch upon the desecration of churches by the Azerbaijani army in Artsakh, the transfer of most of the villages, as well as the Aghdam region to Azerbaijan. The First Channel did not touch upon the statement and appeal of the human rights activist Larisa Alaverdyan to the deputies of “My Step” as well.

And the guest of Petros Ghazaryan on November 20 was surprisingly an opposition figure, representative of the ARF Ishkhan Saghatelyan, whose speech, however, Petros Ghazaryan periodically interrupted. The guest lost his temper and said: “If in case of constantly interrupting me, they will give you a bonus, raise your salary …”, to which Petros Ghazaryan replied with irony: “If I find out it will be so, I will constantly interrupt.”