RFE/RL’s Armenian Service Disseminates Internal Animosity and Hatred

The Armenian Service of RFE/RL (Azatutyun), operating at the expense of taxpayers disseminates hatred and animosity through its programs. During the programs, the radio station divides the Armenian population into people of Karabakh and people of Armenia. They mention that the people of Karabakh came and became presidents in Armenia. Such statements contradict journalistic principles and are an attempt to incite animosity between different internal groups.

“Media Advocate” Initiative strongly condemns such formulations, which may be the basis of possible internal conflicts considering the already tense public situation in the Republic of Armenia.

The drawbacks of “Azatutyun” radio station have been mentioned many times by the “Media Advocate” initiative. The initiative urges the US government to take steps to ensure that the news agency under its auspices does not cross the boundaries of journalistic ethics and does not become a reason of internal conflict emergence because of its short-sighted steps.