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April 2020

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The Ministry of Justice has failed

On March 26, President Armen Sargsyan signed the legislative package to make the data of the state register free of charge for the media. According to the previous regulation, 3000 AMD state duty (excluding VAT) was charged for receiving information from the state register. Keep Reading

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 “Media Advocate” urges the Prime Minister’s Spokesperson not to take over the functions of the court

Nikol Pashinyan’s spokesperson Mane Gevorgyan, referring to the statement of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ucom, Gurgen Khachatryan, that a direct and indirect demand was made to alienate Ucom with a non-profit offer at the level of high-ranking officials of the country, accompanied by public pressure, wrote the following on her Facebook page: Keep Reading

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Large-scale campaign against the TV company

“Media Advocate” initiative expresses its concern following the Social Network discussions over the 5th channel. Some SM users demand that the TV station suspends its activity. According to the monitoring results, the public-political representatives claim that the campaign against the TV company is controlled by the authorities. Keep Reading

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“Media Advocate” urges ArmTV to be consistent with its employee

Publicly-funded Public Television journalist Gevorg Tosunyan, referred to lawyer Amram Makinyan’s Facebook post, where the latter noted that not addressing the issues mentioned in the “scandalous report” will directly confirm the hypothesis that the investigative body and the Public Television are controlled by the same center and have the same aim, that is, to do… Keep Reading

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