The journalist’s house attacked

A journalist from Artsakh Marat Yeganyan, reports that his house has been attacked. According to the journalist, the attack was carried out by Tigran Harutyunyan, the brother of the Artsakh NA deputy Aram Harutyunyan. In a conversation with the “Media Advocate” initiative, Marat Yeganyan, referring to the topic, mentioned that the incident took place because of a post that appeared on a Facebook group moderated by him.

The journalist is the moderator of the group “Deserters,” where different people report the names of individuals who escaped from the military service during the war. A similar post appeared on that group regarding the deputy as well. After that post, the journalist was called by someone. “I did not know at that moment that such kind of a post had appeared on the group. I found out about the post; the caller was the deputy’s brother. He wanted the post to be removed,” Marat said in a conversation with us. According to him, a meeting took place between him and Tigran Harutyunyan, during which the latter mentioned that he had served in the artillery, after which he was moved to warehouses. Marat informed the person who has posted the information, after which the latter was already planning to delete the post. “I received another call, and threats, after which l I asked the author of the post not to delete it. 10 minutes later, Tigran appeared at the door of my house. I called him out, he started insulting me, I left the house, he ran away,” Yeganyan says. According to the journalist, Harutyuyan returned and threw stones in the direction of the house: “After the clash, the police came, they took us both to the police station, after giving an explanation there, they released us,” the journalist says.

Following the incident, Marat made a post, according to which the threats continue. “All this did not end with threats. They continued to attack my house, then me. I was injured. My phone was damaged,” says Marat.

Marat does not have high hopes for the police. The police have repeatedly stated that all this will not happen again. According to the journalist, the police are trying to release the man from responsibility at all costs: “A criminal case has not been initiated yet.”

“Media Advocate” initiative condemns the attack on the journalist. Such cases should be excluded. Freedom of speech should not be abused. We demand from the Police of the Republic of Artsakh not to conceal this case and not to support the person who committed a hooligan attack on the house of a journalist.

“Media Advocate” initiative expresses its support to Marat Yeganyan and is ready to support the journalist with the permissible means arising from internal and international laws.