The NA Speaker is one of the most criticized politicians

From 21 to 31 August, 2020, the “Media Advocate” initiative followed online media reports on the President of the National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan’s personality and activities. 35 leading Armenian news agencies have been monitored.

In the specified period, 184 articles were declared, 37 of which were negative, 1 was positive and 146 were neutral.

Numerous negative articles were published on Ararat Mirzoyan. The NA Speaker is one of the most criticized politicians.

MP Naira Zohrabyan, referring to the decision on a number of state officials released from the mandatory demand to wear a mask, noted: “I understand that you do whatever you want. And let me tell you I am not the only one who understood this. This has already been understood not only by our compatriots who did not elect you, but also by those proud compatriots to elected you, those, whom you told that each of them is a prime minister. Now these people want to know why 2 million 994 thousand prime ministers and presidents should wear a mask, and only a few privileged officials are released from the pressure of the mask. As an NA MP, I just want to be aware according to which law Ararat Mirzoyan will put or not put a mask whenever he wants, and we, the ordinary mortal deputies, will be forced to wear a mask in the same hall, where the air has the same composition.”

Political scientist Suren Surenyants, referring to the topic, said that this is another division of citizens․ “Now it’s the turn of coronavirus sorting․ In some cases, wearing a mask will no longer be mandatory for Nikol Pashinyan, Ararat Mirzoyan, the Catholicos and a number of other officials. You know, it is even disgusting, because the revolution team has already managed to sort the society with all possible features.”

Daniel Ioannisyan, referring to the Alen Simonyan-Larisa Minasyan confrontation, wrote: “More than 10 days have passed, but there is no news from the National Assembly… Why? Ararat Mirzoyan shares Alen Simonyan’s opinion and thinks that an official of the legislature can behave like that. Ararat Mirzoyan will defend his party member Alen Simonyan in every possible way, regardless of whether he is right/wrong. Ararat Mirzoyan is afraid to stand against Alen Simonyan…” In response to this, one of the news outlets wrote: “First of all, remind this gentleman who “teaches wisdom” everywhere with foreign grants that it’s wrong to say in Armenian “to share an opinion”. It is not an apple or even a grant to share. “By the way, “share an opinion” expression is Russianism.”

The publication was prepared with the support of “Hayrenik” Development Foundation