No positive articles were published on Edmon Marukyan

From 11 to 20 June, 2020, the “Media Advocate” initiative followed online media reports on the Member of the National Assembly, Edmon Marukyan’s personality and activities. 34 leading Armenian news agencies have been monitored.

In the specified period, 266 articles were declared, 13 of which were negative and 253 were neutral.

No positive articles were published on the RA NA deputy Edmon Marukyan.

Arman Gharibyan, co-founder of the “Power of Law” NGO, wrote the following on his Facebook page: “Today, the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) announces that Prosecutor General Arthur Davtyan is carrying out a party order. We, by the way, share that idea. Moreover, back in November 2019, we applied to the three NA fractions to discuss the issue of early termination of the prosecutor’s powers, considering one of the main reasons the fact of “serving the position for party’s interests.”

Arman Gharibyan also mentions that the “Bright Armenia” Party left their application unanswered, Edmon Marukyan, who met them in the NA corridor, ironically stated: “You have stood out against the favorite prosecutor of the government.”

The press referred to Edmon Marukyan’s activities and wrote: “Tsarukyan reminded Edmon Marukyan, whom he referred as “classic”, by means of whom and who actually “appointed” him a deputy, the latter, in his turn, asked Tsarukyan what a businessman has to do in the National Assembly. In other words, these figures have been incompatible on the same platform from the very beginning. In addition to all this, “Bright Armenia” fraction does not even demand Pashinyan’s resignation, they complain day and night, they are even being beaten in the parliament, but they do not say that Nikol Pashinyan should leave.