Authorities are using the police as a tool to silence journalists and freedom of expression

The journalists were subjected to violence by the police while implementing their professional work after Gagik Tsarukyan left the National Security Service (NSS) building. Thus, Gagik Tsarukyan’s press conference failed to take place, which meant that journalists were not able to carry out their professional activities, and the society was deprived of its opportunity to receive information.

As a result of the incident, many journalists were injured and the equipment of journalists was damaged.

“Media Advocate” initiative urges the journalists not to hesitate against police violence. The journalistic community must be united now.

In fact, by allowing the police to put pressure on journalists, the government is trying to create a pro-government news coverage and hinder the freedom of speech. The use of force by the police contradicts the principles declared by the government itself.

“Media Advocate” initiative supports the journalistic community. We will apply to international organizations based on the case of violence against journalists. Furthermore, we will raise the issue on the platform of international human rights organizations.

“Media Advocate” initiative describes all this as a manifestation of the authorities’ incompetence and urges the society to support the media community.