DDoS attack on News.am

News.am underwent a DDoS attack. Recently, such cyber attacks on the media outlets have become more frequent. “Media Advocate” initiative has repeatedly urged the authorities to be consistent in this matter and to reveal the attacking circles, but such issues have not even received a single response yet.

It should be reminded that the protection of freedom of speech is a constitutional norm and the ruling party must ensure that norm. However, instead of preventing such attacks and revealing them, the authorities have adopted the principle of finding fake account users without disclosing real information about those “revealed” fakes. The attacks on the media did not receive a legal assessment, and no arrests have been made so far. Periodically, the right to free speech is undergoing unaddressed attacks by the government, and all this is done in violation of the law, against the constitution and free speech.

This practice does not contribute to the security of the media field. In fact, the media field has been left alone in the fight against cyber attacks, which not only causes financial losses, but also deprives the citizen of his or her right to receive information in time, which by the way is enshrined by the RA Law.