March 23, Monitoring Results of Media Activity Restrictions in an Emergency Situation

Օn March 23, “Media Advocate” Initiative monitored the work of the Commandant’s office with the media in emergency situation.

Responding to Hetq journalist’s questions, Deputy Chief of Police Hayk Mhryan noted that police departments had worked with 22 media outlets, urging them to remove information that was inconsistent with demands of the government in particular with the instructions of the Commandant’s Office and official information. “Media Advocate” has sent a query to the Police to find out which media outlets were the ones instructed to remove their information.

Today the National Assembly unanimously adopted the package of punishment for those who violate the state of emergency. The legislative package also includes provisions restricting the work of the media: “Violation of the rules of the publication and dissemination of information in emergency situations by the one conducting a media activity…”. At the same time, if the media outlet does not eliminate the violations recorded by the Commandant’s Office, “within a day determined”, a fine of 500-1000 times the minimum wage will be applied.

“Media Advocate” Initiative reminds that the work of media in emergency situations was restricted in Honduras and Romania.