Karen Andreasyan labels the media on Public TV

On February 6, the former Human Rights Defender Karen Andreasyan was hosted by Petros Ghazaryan. The topic of the discussion was the situation over the Constitutional Court.Karen Andreasyan was speaking very angrily using a vocabulary inappropriate for a YSU assistant professor: “Fairytales, the wail will be ended․․․

“The Seven” should abandon the sanctuary called the Constitutional Court: Hrayr Tovmasyan’s mates, bros, did not they write this? In response to Petros Ghazaryan’s question that there is a violation of the Constitution, Karen Andreasyan noted that there is no violation of the Constitution. “Yes, there is a point with the Article 168, that some journalists today touch upon, I think some of them are representatives of oligarchic media outlets, they were the ones screaming what happened to Article 168.”

“Media Advocate” initiative notes that Petros Ghazaryan was keeping the balance when interviewing the guest. It may also be related to a scandalous public report where the presumption of innocence was violated, which “Media Advocate” Initiative, the Ombudsman, and the TRC have addressed about. Hopefully, Petros Ghazaryan will also keep a balance when inviting the guests and will not host only advocates sharing the interests of the authorities.