Tatev Virabyan, leader of “Kheghapokhutyun Artsakh” initiative, was attacked

Recently, Tatev Virabyan, the leader of the “Kheghapokhutyun Artsakh” (Pseudorevolution Artsakh) initiative, was attacked. “Media Advocate” Initiative contacted Tatev Virabyan. According to her, Vahram Poghosyan, a spokesman for the “Free Motherland” Party,posted a Facebook status below which one could find insulting comments addressed to Artsakh hero Vitaly Balasanyan. After it, Tatev Virabyan, the leader of “Kheghapokhutyun Artsakh” Initiative, criticized those insulting comments by posting a status on her Facebook page. According to Tatev, it is unacceptable to insult the heroes of Artsakh.

After the posting, Davit Simonyan, who was criticized by Virabyan for insulting Vitaly Balasanyan, visited Virabyan at the office of the Movement “For the sake of Artsakh” party and started pushing her. According to Tatev, they threatened her and tried to kidnap her.

“Media Advocate” expresses its concern about the violation of freedom of speech. We urge both sides to avoid mutual insults. On the eve of the upcoming 2020 elections in Artsakh, such incidents may increase. We urge the law enforcement bodies of Artsakh to be more attentive and to respond promptly to such cases, by respecting all the principles established by the law.