No positive articles have been declared on NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan

From 11 to 20 October, 2019, the “Media Advocate” initiative followed online media reports on the President of the National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan’s personality and activities. 35 leading Armenian news agencies have been monitored.

In the specified period, 227 articles were declared, 74 of which were negative and 153 were neutral.

No positive articles have been declared on NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan. According to press reports, Ararat Mirzoyan met with “My Step” MP’s who are believed to be beneficiaries of the Open Society Foundations. During the discussion on Amulsar mine exploitation, the NA speaker stated that he is personally against the mine’s exploitation. Nikol Pashinyan unexpectedly learnt about it. According to the press, Ararat Mirzoyan’s standpoint on Amulsar mine exploitation is not actually shared by the majority of the team.

Former RA Prime Minister and MP Khosrov Harutyunyan has filed a lawsuit against Arman Babajanyan. He particularly noted: “I have also contacted Edmon Marukyan because Babajanyan was a member of their fraction back then. I have written to Arman Babajanyan, Edmon Marukyan and Ararat Mirzoyan but in vain. After waiting for a week, it is natural that I had to do nothing but apply to court. I have nothing to do with Arman Babajanyan’s statements either. ”

Former MP Eduard Sharmazanov has spoken about the current authorities and said that half of the current fraction members has had any kind of connection with them and lawsuit may be filed against everyone, simply based on the same principle as in case of Hrayr Tovmasyan. “It is such a ridiculous accusation. If it is applicable to Hrayr Tovmasyan, first it is applicable to Nikol Pashinyan and Ararat Mirzoyan, as being Vice President of the National Assembly, he became a Constitutional Court President with the same procedure and legal order as Nikol Pashinyan became Prime Minister from MP. First of all, this accusation should concern today’s Prime Minister, though we do not have one”.

According to press reports, Anush Begloyan is regularly on business trips because she has close ties with Ararat Mirzoyan. Answering this question Anush Begloyan noted: “I leave this point on the conscience of those who say it. There is no need for pampering, I am an experienced professional, I have held several positions and gone a long way, I do not need to affirm myself.”