Any action aimed at restricting media freedom is reprehensible

“Media Advocate” Initiative condemns violence or calls for violence against media. We once again remind that: the cases of violence committed against media will be regularly repeated in such an atmosphere of impunity. As a matter of fact, even though the discussions over the attack on “Hayeli” (“Mirror”) press club are not over yet, “Media Advocate” Initiative noticed today that Petros Ghazaryan, head of the Public Television’s information department, is calling for another violence, this time addressing “”. We consider this move unacceptable not only in terms of media ethics but also from the perspective of calls to use violence against media.

Regardless of how professional the media outlet is operating, we condemn any action aimed at restricting media freedom. As far as the actions of publicly funded media is concerned, it is especially reprehensible.

“Media Advocate” initiative warns that any unlawful action against “” will be primarily the responsibility of state institutions. Moreover, law enforcement bodies must be responsible for ensuring security of “’s” office and its journalists from now on. Restricting the freedom of media, encouraging acts of violence against media and making calls carrying such character will not remain unanswered in the perspective of the reactions of the international community of journalists, as well as within the international commitments undertaken by the Republic of Armenia.

“Media Advocate” Initiative monitors the developments in 24/7 regime and will support free and non-violent operation of media outlets within all its capabilities.