Attack on “Hayeli” Press Club

On October 5, “Hayeli” (Mirror) Press Club was attacked. When watching the video published by “Hraparak”, one may see a group of young men throwing eggs and attaching offensive posters on the walls of a press club.

“Media Advocate” initiative is concerned about the matter. Such cases and pressures on media should be excluded. “Media Advocate” initiative hopes that the Armenian police will quickly respond to the incident and will take all necessary legal actions to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“Media Advocate” does not want to give a legal assessment to the actions of these young men, but preliminary studies show that the above-mentioned act is of a hooligan character which may be punished by Article 258 (3) of the RA Criminal Code, that is hooliganism by a group of individuals.

“Media Advocate” once again states that it will support freedom of speech in Armenia. The initiative is ready to support “Hayeli” Press Club within the RA law.