Alert! Authorities in Armenia for the first time in history try to snatch a TV

Several months ago, “Media Advocate” publicly raised the issue that the free activity of TV companies in Armenia is endangered. Now the problem has become more realistic. The situation over “MO TV” is getting extremely dangerous. “Media Advocate” draws everyone’s attention to the fact that, according to media reports, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wants to have his own TV serving his political interests and operating under his total control. Even the names of foreign businessmen having experience in media business in Armenia, who have expressed willingness to manage MO TV and turn it into PM Pashinyan’s campaign tool, have been mentioned.

However, without finishing a purchase and sale deal, it was reported that the Television and Radio Commission is going to impose sanctions on MO TV, depriving it of a broadcast license and launching a new competition on that frequency. This means that buyers of the television set up for Prime Minister Pashinyan can bid for the frequency without buying the MO TV and obtain a broadcast license without paying the owners of the MO TV. This may cause a risk: that is to say the issue of financial disagreement between the two private business companies may be resolved through business snatching by the help of state levers.

“Media Advocate” draws the attention of Armenian and international human rights organizations to the unprecedented phenomenon in Armenian history of trying to steal media business through the use of state levers. “Media Advocate” at the same time will follow the developments related to MO TV and provide information to the public. Soon, we will ask clarifications from the owners of MO TV, and those businessmen who have ambitions to buy MO TV. The clarifications will be posted on the official website of “Media Advocate” Initiative and on its Facebook page.