Arsen Torosyan tries to regain his positive rating

A number of positive articles published on the RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan during this ten-day period, increased, though the negative ones continue to prevail.

Positive articles were based on the news of the construction of a new maternity hospital in Gyumri, the decision to give compensation to medical staff involved in the medical committees’ adjunct to the military commissariats, and Torosyan’s quick response to the car accident on the Armavir-Talin road.

Most of the negative articles were based on interviews with Marina Khachatryan, as well as dismissal of Edgar Khurshudyan, head of the health and labor inspection body. According to Marina Khachatryan, Arsen Toorosyan is ready for various activities to get a job and money abroad. According to Marina Khachatryan, Khurshudyan was fired because of personal problems: Khurshudyan himself does not deny that his relations with Arsen Torosyan are tense.

Arsen Torosyan is also accused of campaigning for the Istanbul Convention. Marina Khachatryan has also filed an appeal against Arsen Torosyan. A former member of the Council of Elders thinks that Arsen Torosyan avoided military service with the violation of the law. Her conviction was based on the fact that Arsen Torosyan had donated blood, while not having a right to do it, in case the minister’s health problems are justified.

Arsen Torosyan is also blamed for the situation in his sphere, in particular the situation in morgues and the concerns and raised issues over the activities of National Center of Oncology after V. A. Fanarjyan.

Arsen Torosyan is trying to regain his positive rating, but there are questions that have not been answered yet.