We urge the Public Television of Armenia not to show obvious bias

During the August 6 News program issue of the Public Television of Armenia, a report was broadcasted on the situation over the Constitutional Court.

The report reminds of the position of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia on the Constitutional Court and its current President, which Nikol Pashinyan stated in his July 17 interview given to the “Azatutyun” news agency. The report is based on the circumstances how Hrayr Tovmasyan has become a President of the Constitutional Court. There is a reference on some parts of Vahe Grigoryan’s well-known speech at the National Assembly.Then it is stated that Hrayr Tovmasyan is not going to leave and that according to the Constitutional Court, there is no crisis. The report does not provide any opinion which may contradict to the positions of the Prime Minister and Vahe Grigoryan.

Immediately after the aforementioned report, “The news program” (“Lurer”) interviews Rafik Grigoryan, the First Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia. During the 8-minute interview on the topic of the CC crisis, Grigoryan talks in details about the constitutional amendments, the terms of CC members and the terms of office of the Constitutional Court President. He draws attention to violations which have occurred by April 9, 2018, that is during the process of formation of the Constitutional Court.

“Media Advocate” Initiative urges the Public Television, which functions due to public funds, to provide comprehensive information and not to show obvious bias.