ArmTV Continues Campaign to Discredit President of Constitutional Court

On July 29, Petros Ghazaryan hosted Prime Minister’s press secretary Vladimir Karapetyan, whose behavior and responses were extremely emotional. In response to Petros Ghazaryan’s question whether the government is taking measures based on personal matters instead of changing the system, Vladimir Karapetyan replied: “What should we do now if we know everything about Hrayr Tovmasyan and if we are aware of the kind of a person he is and what his political trajectory is?”

To Ghazaryan’s statement that the system should change, in that case the individuals would automatically change, that is they started from the opposite place, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman replied: “That man does not want to make changes, he does not have enough consciousness to understand that he should not have anything to do with Kocharyan’s case.” To the next question regarding Kocharyan’s case that he is a political prisoner and that they say that he is being persecuted politically, Vladimir Karapetyan, not letting Ghazaryan finish his question, replied “Oh, my God”. To the question about the termination of Judge David Grigoryan’s powers, and if he was the only judge who was enriched with bribes and why he is the only one to blame, Karapetyan answered: “The relatives of the judges and those associated with the judges have raised their voices and are trying to blacken the authorities’ efforts to bring the judiciary to order.”

The last issue was related to the Istanbul Convention. To the question how the Prime Minister’s spokesman will explain that the Church, the Public Council, and the Chamber of Advocates are opposed to it, eventually made Vladimir Karapetyan angry, though he responded with a smile: “It is interesting that our conversation is not about the institutions working with revolutionary innovative approaches, but the Public Council, the Chamber of Advocates: “Where they were when the convention was signed”? It should be noted that although Petros Ghazaryan’s questions were counterbalanced throughout the interview, the guests mostly express the authorities’ approaches. In fact, Petros Ghazaryan’s reports are clearly aimed at doubting the legitimacy of the Constitutional Court and its president’s campaign.