Authorities are reluctant to comment on issues of public interest

During the meeting with the journalists, the deputies of the NA “My Step” fraction left the hall after the journalist’s question, bringing up an excuse that the time was over.

The journalist asked whether after the Prime Minister’s statement, according to which 90% of Azerbaijanis lived in Shushi, the deputies also think that Shushi is Azerbaijani city.

“Media Advocate” initiative once again states that the authorities refrain from commenting on issues of public interest. Many issues and the views of the deputies on them remain incomprehensible for the society. The government creates an information collapse, the consequences of which are misinformation and falsification. We call on the pro-government deputies to take a responsible approach to this issue and comment, otherwise, the impression is created that the deputies work in an atmosphere of fear, do not have their opinion, and there is no common opinion on the vital issues, which in turn is the ground of silence or controversy.