The doctor declared that he is the oldest opposition figure and supported the government

On January 16, Petros Ghazaryan’s guest on Public TV was Dr. Vahan Vardapetyan. The topic of the discussion was Post-war Armenia. The comments of the guest were contradictory, they surprised the commentator. Vahan Vardapetyan noted that he is the oldest opposition figure and still holds that title with honor. Petros Ghazaryan asked: “But now you are criticizing the opposition, defending the government.” The doctor spoke about the legitimacy of the government, the commentator interrupted, asking: “Is just being legitimate enough for effective negotiations?” The doctor answered: “The government is obliged to maintain stability.” Petros Ghazaryan continued: “The authorities are not able to negotiate well, the issue of the captives remained undiscussed.” The doctor answered: “I do not agree with that either, because each of us seeks the return of the captives as soon as possible. I think the Prime Minister is most interested in this issue, no one doubts that, you too, so making proposals, giving pieces of advice to that man is not right. “If we want to get out of this situation, we have to work hard, they organize strikes and student strikes, we need stability, solidarity, peace inside us, turbulent situations, waves, provocations, which is also unacceptable.” Petros Ghazaryan continued: “Excuse me, I do not understand well, how should the opposition work? They say this is wrong, this is bad: strikes, protests, student strikes are the tools of political struggle.”