ATV has improved its position, becoming a country-wide TV unlike the Armenian Second TV Channel which is no longer a country-wide TV. FreeNews will be broadcast in the capital

The Television and Radio Commission (TRC) distributed the points of the TV companies that applied for the country-wide and capital-wide broadcasting slots by secret ballot. The final results of the competition will be summed up in three days. The members of the Television and Radio Commission decide by a rating vote which TV stations will be aired in the next seven years. 12 companies applied for the country-wide competition, 9 of which also competed for the capital-wide broadcast. However, before the tender, two companies (Skizb Media TV and Public Television of Armenia CJSC) withdrew their bids. The other ten companies competed for the 5 slots.

A TV, Armenia TV, ArmNews, the Second Armenian TV Channel, the Fifth Channel, Kentron TV participated in the republican contest.

Only 21 companies applied for the capital-wide broadcast: Dar 21, MOTV Media Holding CJSC, Arpi Media LLC, and Shant Sport LLC.


The points of the TV companies are as follows:

“ArmNews” CJSC – 613 points

“Armenian Second TV Channel” LLC – 626 points,

“Sharq” LLC (5th channel) – 657 points,

“Multimedia Center TV” LLC – 663 points,

“Armenia TV” CJSC – 723 points,

ATV LLC – 670 points,

Freenews LLC – 531 points,

“Meltex” LLC (A1 +) – 545 points,

“Husaber” CJSC (Yerkir Media) – 688 points,

“Shant” LLC – 680 points.


It should be noted that an intergovernmental agreement has been signed with Russia, according to which one Russian TV channel (“RTR-Planeta”) will receive country-wide broadcast without a license, two Russian channels (“Russia-K ” (“Россия-Культура”) and (First Channel (“Первый канал. Всемирная Сеть”) will receive a capital-wide broadcast opportunity, again without a license.

By the way, this year AR TV and ATV did not participate in the contest of the capital-wide boradcast, there were two vacancies, one of which was occupied by FreeNews. The latter belongs to the government-related circles.