The news service of the Public Television bypassed the hot issues

During its main issue of December 28, the news service of the Public Television did not present that a signboard with the words “Welcome to Azerbaijan” was placed on the Goris-Kapan road. Besides, the Azerbaijanis gave the residents of the houses in the area of ​​one of the horticultural companies in Goris an hour to vacate it, in relation to which the mayor of Vorotan gave an explanation. The news outlet did not show that the Azerbaijanis damaged a car with an Armenian license plate on the Shosh-Karmir Shuka road. The news outlet presented the incidents near the NA building incompletely. The demonstrators hit the deputies of “My Step” with eggs and tomatoes, a quarrel took place between Sisak Gabrielyan and the citizens, the video disseminated on Social Networks was not shown, the incident with the pro-government deputy Hayk Sargsyan either. The phrase “Hold the bottle” made the deputy lose his temper, the latter had cursed. In the report on Naira Zohrabyan some episodes were not presented, in particular, the PAP MP stated that some deputies of “My Step” had to vote for depriving her of the post of the chair of the Standing Committee on Human Rights, as they were threatened.