Public TV continues to work in the same style: unpleasant news to the authorities is not presented

The news service of the Public TV continues to bypass many topics that have received public attention. In particular, on December 24, the parliamentary discussion on the issues of border communities organized by the PAP (Prosperous Armenia Party), in which the ruling party refused to participate was not presented. The media outlet did not report that the citizens closed the Baghramyan-Proshyan crossroads demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister. Some of the protesters were detained. The media outlet did not report that ARF (Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Dashnaktsutyun) representative, the coordinator of the Homeland Salvation Movement Ishkhan Saghatelyan, was again summoned for questioning.

The media did not report that 20 lawyers had applied to the Prosecutor General demanding to initiate a criminal case against Nikol Pashinyan on the grounds of high treason. The lawyers mentioned in their application all the grounds on which the criminal case should be initiated. For example, drawing the state border by GPS, or illegal violation of territorial integrity in Syunik region. Later, 68 lawyers joined the application. In the days following December 24, some of these topics were not presented, and the demonstrations demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister though presented were incomplete.

“Media Advocate” initiative considers the working style of a publicly funded TV company unacceptable. We once again call on the media to fully inform the citizens about the events taking place in the country, to present the picture equally, covering the standpoint of the both sides. In this tense period, we urge not to further destabilize the situation by concealing issues of public importance.