Public TV’s news service did not touch upon a number of topics

During its December 23 newscast the news service of the Public Television neither covered that the flag of Azerbaijan was placed on the bank of the Vorotan River in Syunik, nor that Azerbaijani soldiers were deployed there and the armed enemy entered the house of one of the residents forcing them to leave. The news outlet did not present Edmon Marukyan’s press conference. The head of the “Bright Armenia” party had issued a statement on the security challenges facing the Syunik region. In particular, he offered to sign an agreement on deepened military-political cooperation with Russia, in which the security of Syunik region should have a special emphasis. The media outlet did not present that the mayor of Kajaran Manvel Paramazyan was invited to the investigation committee for interrogation. He also joined the demand for the resignation of the Prime Minister. Yesterday a large number of supporters gathered in front of the building. An incident was registered between those gathered in the yard of the Investigative Committee and the police.

“Media Advocate” initiative considers the working style of the Public Television operating at the expense of the public funds unacceptable. The media is obliged to cover the events of public interest.