Arman Babajanyan distorts the facts, Petros Ghazaryan corrects them

On December 22, Petros Ghazaryan’s guest on Public TV was independent MP Arman Babajanyan, who made a number of groundless statements and distorted the facts. Referring to the plunder by the former authorities, Petros Ghazaryan interrupted the guest, noting: “Scientists, artists, universities, conservatory lecturers, student councils, lawyers join the demand for Pashinyan’s resignation. Have they all been robbers?” Babajanyan responded: “All of them were not in favor of the processes that took place in Armenia, they continue to act accordingly.” The host continued: “They say – you lost, so leave.” Babajanyan answered: “The question of whether to leave or not should be decided by the people.” Then the deputy added that the 16 parties demand from Nikol Pashinyan not to participate in the extraordinary elections. Petros Ghazaryan interrupted, saying that there is no such thing: “You say whatever you want about these 17, but these people say “now we are out to fight, what prevents you from doing that too, where are those fresh forces, where are they, hey where are you, fresh forces?” “People say, buddy, whether we were bad or what, now we are out fighting.” Babajanyan also spoke about the revolutionary parliament, the commentator countered․ “To be honest, one can’t judge at all from our parliament that it is revolutionary.” Referring to Vazgen Manukyan’s candidacy, Babajanyan noted: “We remember very well who is who in this country. Vazgen Manukyan is definitely not among those people who have the right to give assessments to the many shortcomings of the current government in general.” Ghazaryan continued: “But Mr. Babajanyan, Manukyan says, you know what, whatever we had in the past – good or bad, can’t be compared to such catastrophe.” Babajanyan said: “A year ago, I met the October 27 perpetrator Nairi Hunanyan, who told me very interesting details about Vazgen Manukyan’s role, about which I do not want to talk at the moment.” The commenter countered․ “Nairi Hunanyan is telling so much nonsense and now you want to use his words…?”