Public TV covered the incident between the Prime Minister and the priest incompletely

The developments following the incident between Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and the priest were not presented during the main newscast of the Public Television on December 21. It should be reminded that the priest refused to shake Pashinyan’s hand in St. Gregory Church in Sisian, pointing to the church door in response. After that, a video was disseminated on social networks, where it could be seen that a number of people were rushing to get revenge on the church priest. Various media outlets hurried to get clarifications from the priest. Priest Zeynalyan presented his point of view. He mentioned that the ground for his step was the happening with the homeland. Pashinyan was not banned from entering the church, he just said, wait for God’s judgment. The news outlet, however, did not take an explanation from the priest; it did not present that many public and political figures defended the priest either. It is noteworthy that the video report on the Prime Minister’s visit to Syunik was titled on TV’s YouTube channel as: “The demarcation is carried out according to the law on administrative-territorial division adopted in 2010: Prime Minister. However, the report did not present the legal arguments that followed the Prime Minister’s statement. Opposition figures stated that the 2010 law does not define the state border of Armenia, the administrative division and demarcation are different legal phenomena, and the Prime Minister, quoting the law, tries to create the impression that the demarcation process is within the framework of RA domestic legislation. The media outlet did not present that YSU lecturers, scientists and professors had informed that they would join today’s strike demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister, which has already begun.

“Media Advocate” initiative notes that the comments of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s supporters are repeated. The same thesis – that is the claims of the villagers that if the Prime Minister resigns, then he will be considered a traitor, is being circulated in the reports. The news outlet uses manipulation techniques and provides more airtime to the Prime Minister’s supporters in the presented reports, while the views of the opposition representatives are incomplete even if presented.