The work of the journalist and host of the 5th Channel was hindered; Andranik Kocharyan refused to answer the questions

Today the work of the journalist and host of the 5th Channel Lara Arakelyan was hindered in the Republic Square of Yerevan. Some of the citizens made insulting expressions, and the deputy of “My Step” fraction Andranik Kocharyan refused to answer the journalist’s questions. For further details, we contacted Lara Arakelyan, who confirmed the news․ “The march to Yerablur was to start from the Square. As soon as we arrived, they started insulting us –“Turks, traitors, leave, you have no right to be here”. A woman pushed us, we have a report; there were constant insults. Then Andranik Kocharyan came, I approached to ask a question. He said, he will not talk to us, let the other journalists ask questions. I asked, whether he does not think that he is provoking with this attitude, straining the public mood, he restated in a style typical of him that he will not talk to us. We could hear even more insults during today’s incident, I thought that I would not be able to prepare the video report, but we were somehow able to shoot a couple of things, so I managed to prepare the report.”

“Media Advocate” initiative has repeatedly referred to such incidents with the participation of Andranik Kocharyan. The deputy always stands out with his intolerant attitude towards journalists, mainly towards those who do not support the government’s standpoint. Furthermore, the MP gives interviews mainly to the Public Television and Azatutyun TV (RFE/RL’s Armenian Service). We condemn the attack on the journalist as well as the attempts to hinder her work and thank the latter for being brave and performing her work.