Mane Gevorgyan provided contradictory comments

On December 16, Azerbaijani media and social media users wrote that according to the country’s State Statistics Committee, 12,024 Azeribaijanis will return to Stepanakert.

Following this news, the Prime Minister’s Spokesperson Mane Gevorgyan provided contradictory comments to two different media outlets.

Mane Gevorgyan told Armenpress the following: “Unfortunately, some Armenian media outlets become tools, as they contribute to the dissemination of Azerbaijani false information in the Armenian domain.” At the same time, when interviewed by, she noted: “I can not answer your question. The Azerbaijanis have announced that 12,000 refugees will return, how can I answer that question? There is a point in the trilateral statement by which the refugees will return to the territories wherever they should return, but in terms of number or something, I can’t answer, I am neither in Azerbaijan nor I represent Azerbaijan.”

“Media Advocate” initiative considers unacceptable this kind of irresponsible approach to such an important issue.

Thus, the official source misleads the public, trying to present its mistake as a mistake of the media. It is unacceptable to make groundless accusatory statements regarding the media field.