Information blockade in Armenia

The authorities deprive citizens of their right to receive information. It has been a long time since there is an information blockade in Armenia. The state agencies seem not to be accountable to the citizens, at the same time the border situation is no longer presented to the public.

The public gets acquainted with most of the events taking place in Armenia and Artsakh either from Azerbaijani sources or through Telegram channels. The authorities complain about media terror, but they are not honest and do not confess that they are the main ground of media terror with their silence or unreliable information.

So far, the authorities have not yet presented how many captured civilians and prisoners of war are on the Azerbaijani side. We received contradictory information from Khtsaberd and the volunteers there.

“Media Advocate” initiative demands to act in line with the crisis situation. When the government conceals and does not provide official information, it creates a favourable ground for the spread of false information, which leads to panic. We urge the government to end the information blockade. These days some of the pro-government deputies mock the journalists, refuse to provide information, divide media outlets into desirable and undesirable ones instead of realizing the seriousness of the situation.