Azatutyun TV did not cover a number of topics of public interest

On December 14, Azatutyun TV (RFE/RL’s Armenian Service) did not touch upon a number of topics during its newscasts.

In particular, it did not present the protests demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister in Gyumri. The citizens closed one of the central streets of Gyumri, then Haghtanak Street and the Pushkin-Shahumyan crossroads, the Alagyaz-Artik crossroad on the Vanadzor-Yerevan interstate road were closed with the help of cars. The media outlet did not touch upon the protest actions in front of the Armenian Consulate in Los Angeles demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister. It also did not show the video where Azerbaijanis gathered with dozens of vehicles in the border area of Karvachar and Vayots Dzor, meanwhile that became the subject of public discussions. The media outlet did not cover the fact that the village of Hin Shen in Shushi is under Azerbaijani blockade. Azatutyun did not present the meeting of Vazgen Manukyan, the candidate for the post of Prime Minister of the “Homeland Salvation Movement”, with intellectuals and cultural figures either.

“Media Advocate” initiative considers selective journalism inadmissible. The news outlet conceals and partially presents the actions demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister, trying to position itself as neutral, while violating the principle of objectivity and versatility and turning into a government propaganda machine.