Public TV presents an “edited” reality

During its November 17 newscasts, the Public Television partially presented the speech of the pro-government deputy. The episode, which became a subject of discussions among the public and was presented by almost all media, was not presented by Public TV. In particular, the deputy of “My Step” fraction Hayk Sargsyan mocked President Armen Sargsyan, noting: “We all know Armen Sargsyan is afraid of the coronavirus, so, when he accepts a person, he sits 50 meters away so that he does not suddenly become infected, today he speaks about the extraordinary election. One should not talk about it in these conditions.”

Instead, the news outlet presented the following part of MP’s speech: “Many citizens started writing that they ask the Prime Minister not to resign, as they don’t want to leave the country to Rob, Serzh, the former robbers.” Earlier, we mentioned that during the same speech, the deputy, referring to the issue of his $ 1,500 T-shirt, mocked the journalist, saying: “I’m ready to give you that T-shirt for $ 100.” Naturally, the Public Television did not present this episode either.

We have repeatedly urged the publicly-funded media outlet to serve the public interest, to present the real picture of the events, while the Public TV uses manipulation techniques every day, even if protests and demonstrations are presented, they are given very little airtime. For example, during its November 16 newscasts, 20 seconds were presented from the speech of opposition MP Ani Samsonyan, while the Prime Minister’s extensive interview with his spokesperson (mainly full version) was broadcast during all newscasts.