Hayk Sargsyan continues showing disrespect towards journalists

NA MP from “My Step” alliance Hayk Sargsyan continues showing disrespect towards journalists.

During the NA briefing, Hayk Sargsyan answering the question of Kentron TV journalist Vachik Grigoryan, responded: “You were from Kentron TV, right? Wait, I will answer your (informal) question. The journalist corrects that it is not your but Your (Formal). Hayk Sargsyan continues – “keep calm.”

Firstly, Hayk Sargsyan draws distinction between the media, as his colleagues do, dividing the news outlets into ours and theirs (insiders and outsiders). Such behavior is inadmissible.

Secondly, the NA deputy, seems to have forgotten that he is a deputy, and does not have the right to behave like this, especially when the journalist was conducting his professional work.

“Media Advocate Initiative urges Hayk Sargsyan to read the Code of Ethics and to get an idea of how a deputy should behave. Such behavior against freedom of speech is condemnable. We urge to continue the working process in an atmosphere of cooperation and respect.