TV companies may be shut down within the framework of the controversial law

“Media Advocate” initiative has raised a number of issues regarding the Law on Audiovisual Media. It is noteworthy that even after mentioning the gaps in the law, the initiators of the law did not organize a public discussion.

In a conversation with Hraparak daily, Vahagn Tevosyan, answering the journalist’s questions, touched upon the issue of suspending the activities of certain TV companies: “I think this law creates an opportunity for those allegations about objectivity to really start to correspond to reality, forming public trust in that objectivity. We did not have a task to close some channels. Our task was to ensure civilized international standards of freedom of speech”. In fact, Vahagn Tevosyan does not exclude that there may be TV companies that may be closed within the framework of this law.

“Media Advocate” initiative considers such formulations of the author of the draft problematic. This can be an opportunity for many TV companies to fall into the trap of subjective assessments and stop their activities. We urge the TV companies to raise their voices, unite and speak together against this subjective law.