The website of Golos Armenii newspaper was attacked

The website belonging to Golos Armenii newspaper was attacked in the morning.

In a conversation with, the editor, Flora Nakhshkaryan, noted: “In the beginning it was not possible to enter the website at all, now it is possible, but there is nothing on the website, the data and databases are completely deleted. The website service providers are trying to restore it somehow, but we are not told yet whether it is possible to restore it or not.

Flora Nakhshkaryan also applied to the National Security Service to find out whether there was an internal or external attack. The editor-in-chief was given contact of National Security Service so as she contacts them for examining the problem.

Flora Nakhshkaryan still expects to receive an answer from the NSS: “The phone number, I was given, is not answering yet, I still keep calling.”

“Media Advocate” initiative noticed that the NSS is indifferent to such attacks on media outlets.