The professional work of the journalist was hindered

Journalist Suzy Badoyan referred to the poisoning case registered in Aghavnadzor nursing-boarding home, on her Facebook page. The journalist found out that the boarding home was supplied with food by “Epicur” entertainment center, the food of which, apparently, became a reason of poisoning of many people.

No official statement was made regarding the incident.
Suzy Badoyan went to the “Epicur” entertainment center to get clarifications, but, according to Badoyan, her professional work was hindered there. “The incident took place on June 24, at around 18:00, at “Epicur” Pub, 40 Pushkin Street, Yerevan. The actors of the incident, that is to say, those who hindered journalist’s professional work, where, according to the State Registry Office, Epicur Pub LLC owners; founding director Tigran Gasparyan and other co-owners, Gor and Arthur Tadevosyan (the latter two are brothers).
The dispute arose after we returned to Yerevan after our coverage of Aghavnadzor nursing home case and accidentally entered the supplier’s pub, which, actually had become a reason of poisoning case. From Tigran Gasparyan’s furious behavior, it immediately became clear that they were in a panic caused by our publication.
Of course, there was no counter-argument, but we did not feel the lack of threats either. Instead of one or two explanations, the businessman preferred to take us out of his Pub with cynical expressions, insults and provocations, saying that I will be judged for the material published.”
“Media Advocate” initiative condemns all attempts to hinder the professional work of journalists. Such manifestations against journalists have become frequent. We urge the journalistic community to remain united and fight against any encroachment on freedom of speech.