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Andranik Kocharyan is looking for Hraparak journalist

After yesterday’s meeting of the commission investigating the circumstances of the 2016 April War in the National Assembly, Andranik Kocharyan, in a conversation with journalists, got a bit angry when the journalist asked about his son’s avoidance of conscription. Keep Reading

Posted on news agency underwent a DDOS attack

“Media Advocate” initiative was informed that the work of news website was temporarily stopped because of the DDOS attack. Specialists have been trying to restore the work of the news agency for several hours. Keep Reading

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Public TV violated the presumption of innocence of Arthur Gevorgyan

Arthur Gevorgyan, a former member of the National Assembly, claims that he was informed from the press about the accusation and about declared wanted. He gave an interview to the 5th channel during which he presented his point of view. He accused the Public Television of spreading misinformation. Keep Reading

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