The termination of the criminal case on the attack on “Hayeli” press club is the result of the atmosphere of impunity

The criminal case on the attack on “Hayeli” press club has been terminated, Angela Tovmasyan told us during a conversation with us. According to her, everything was clearly judged by the investigator’s questions, behavior, and how they were delaying the case: “I told them at that time that they have an instruction to procrastinate as much as possible so that long time passes, and the case loses its relevance. Unlike me, my lawyer Zaruhi Postanjyan, who seems to have experienced everything during the previous government, was much more optimistic, saying that it is impossible for it to be terminated, as it is such a case that there is no need for any additional facts, because everything was broadcasted live, there are recordings, threats against me, my family, my father, my brother, the president of the Constitutional Court.”

It should be reminded that on October 5, 2019, a group of people attacked “Hayeli” press club, threw eggs in the direction of the office and made threats. The attackers, according to the press, were supporters of the current government and had close ties with many members of the ruling party. They call themselves “guardians of the revolution.” We asked Angela Tovmasyan who they are: “I call them hooligans and scoundrels. We live in the country created by Nikol Pashinyan, there are people who generally have certification of insanity, and there are people now who wander with the cerificate of Nikol Pashinyan. Today’s government has given all kinds of perversion certificates to the people of that category, and told them to behave the way they want. The result of all this is the atmosphere of impunity. Yesterday after the events in Gavar, after the Alen Simonyan-Arthur Danielyan incident, one of the so-called guardians of the revolution threatened to break heads of those opposed the power during his live. These are the people who are wandering on Facebook all day long, they are the same people who attacked the “Mirror” press club and Manvel Grigoryan’s lawyers, they don’t even hide it, they say that the ones who will even slightly hurt Nikol should deal with them. They only arouse a pity, they will have a very sad ending along with the person who injected courage into them.”

It is worth noting that the members of the above-mentioned group have filed two lawsuits against Angela Tovmasyan. The court session was supposed to take place yesterday, but due to the state of emergency, it was postponed. The lawyer noted that the accusation was baseless, and the most ridiculous thing is that the aggrieved party is not able to defend its rights, and the attackers are even more encouraged to be capable of silencing their opponents.

“Media Advocate” initiative condemns the cases, calls of violence and the atmosphere of impunity in the country. The purpose of the termination of this criminal case is to encourage the activities of such groups, which only deepens the atmosphere of impunity and violence in the country. We remind you that the Prime Minister mentioned in his live that they do not apply to “lynching”, but the ongoing processes testify that it is nothing but a concealed “lynching”.