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Hrayr Tamrazyan was not neutral again

Hrayr Tamrazyan tried to justify CC Judge Vahe Grigoryan during an interview of Azatutyun TV’s Sunday Issue, broadcast on February 16. In response to Tamrazyan’s question whether it is unfair that the CC president remained in office, Gorgisyan responded: “It is very unfair, but as unfair as the fact that the president of the Central… Keep Reading

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Hraparak did not violate professional ethics

Yesterday Hraparak newspaper reported that RA Minister of Territorial Administration Suren Papikyan had concealed one of his biographical episodes, according to which he had been convicted because of a conflict which occurred during his military service. The court found him guilty and after a while, he was released on amnesty shortly after serving his sentence. Keep Reading

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Unprecedented media incident in the history of the Third Republic of Armenia. Public TV’s “Lureri bazhin” (“News Division”) discredits the Armenian Armed Forces and overshadows Armenian-Russian relations; “Media Advocate” Initiative

The information in the coverage of the Public TV broadcast on February 11 about Orsis company does not correspond to reality, head of the information department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Samvel Asatryan told Keep Reading

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