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On February 20, Public Television, funded by taxpayers, propagated only the “YES” campaign and did not provide a minute to cover the opposite opinion: Media Advocate Initiative

Media Advocate, Initiative summarizes the monitoring results of the February 20, regarding Public Television operating at the expense of state funds: 41 minutes and 30 seconds were devoted to the constitutional referendum, 9 minutes of which was neutral, and 32 minutes and 30 seconds were given to public and political figures supporting the “YES” campaign. Keep Reading

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Hate speech manifestation by a Public TV employee

The “Revue” program hosted Sofia Hovsepyan, a member of the NA “My Step” fraction. The MP stated in her speech: “If Vahe Grigoryan boycotts the sessions and does not protect the interests of the RA  citizen, this is problematic.” Keep Reading

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Public TV journalist makes a political statement

When interviewing Alen Simonyan, Public TV journalist asked: “Tomorrow Ruben Melikyan is going to submit an application to the CEC (Central Electoral Commission), the civil initiative has been formed by them and in fact, it turns out that Robert Kocharyan’s supporters will become, somehow the one ones who form the headquarters of the “No” campaign,… Keep Reading

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