On February 23, Public Television allocated 48 minutes 34 seconds to the topic of constitutional referendum

On February 23, the Public Television of Armenia allocated 48 minutes 34 seconds to the topic of the constitutional referendum, 1 minute and 4 seconds of which were allocated to the supporters of the “NO” campaign, 20 minutes 40 seconds to the “Yes” supporters and 27 minutes were neutral remarks. The Public TV also aired “YES” and “NO” campaign video clips of up to 1-minute duration each.

Within the framework of the program “Public Discussion” the topic of the referendum on constitutional amendments was touched upon. Petros Ghazaryan hosted former deputy of the Supreme Council Vigen Khachatryan, Vice President of the Heritage Party Narine Dilbaryan and member of the Executive Body of the Citizen’s Decision Party Mikayel Nahapetyan. Former deputy of the Supreme Council Vigen Khachatryan (16 minutes 20 seconds) was in favor of the “YES” campaign of constitutional referendum. Heritage Party representative Narine Dilbaryan (12 minutes 15 seconds) and CD representative Mikayel Nahapetyan (15 minutes) were neutral. In his speech, Mikayel Nahapetyan supported the referendum as a principle of direct democracy, but he doubted that after the constitutional amendments, in case the “YES” wins, the new Constitutional Court would be independent and would not serve the present authorities. He also added he will not take part in a voting in which, neither “YES” would be beneficial, nor “NO”.