On February 22, Public Television Allocated 16 Minutes, 20 Seconds to the Topic of Constitutional Referendum

On February 22, the Public Television of Armenia allocated 16 minutes and 20 seconds to the topic of constitutional referendum, 7 minutes and 5 seconds of which were allocated to supporters of the “NO” campaign, 1 minute to the supporters of “YES” campaign and 8 minutes and 15 seconds covered neutral remarks. The Public TV broadcast also “YES” and “NO” campaign video clips of up to 1 minute duration each.

The Vernatun social-political club’s statement was quoted within the framework of the “NO” campaign. According to Vernatun, the April 5 referendum is unconstitutional (35 seconds).

The statement of the “NO” headquarters was presented, according to which the “NO” headquarters appealed to the 4 political forces; the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), the Prosperous Armenia (PAP), the Bright Armenia party and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF Dashnaktsutyun) to assist them in appointing representatives in the commissions (4 minutes 10 seconds).

During Public Television main issue, Heritage Party (Zharangutyun) representative Narine Dilbaryan expressed mainly a neutral opinion in an interview given to the host Ani Zakaryan. (5 minutes 42 seconds)