On February 20, Public Television, funded by taxpayers, propagated only the “YES” campaign and did not provide a minute to cover the opposite opinion: Media Advocate Initiative

Media Advocate, Initiative summarizes the monitoring results of the February 20, regarding Public Television operating at the expense of state funds: 41 minutes and 30 seconds were devoted to the constitutional referendum, 9 minutes of which was neutral, and 32 minutes and 30 seconds were given to public and political figures supporting the “YES” campaign.

The main issue of the News referred to the public discussion “Constitutional Amendments in Armenia”, during which the chairman of the Helsinki Citizens Assembly Vanadzor office Arthur Sakunts supported the “YES” campaign. Leader of the Asparez Journalists Club Levon Barseghyan also shared his opinion and showed his support to the “YES” campaign.

The guest of the “Interview with Petros Ghazaryan” program was the initiator of the constitutional referendum, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. During the program, the Prime Minister spoke for the “YES” side of the campaign.

“Media Advocate” Initiative notes that on February 20, 2020, Public Television, operating at the expense of taxpayers, unilaterally covered the campaign for a constitutional referendum scheduled for April 5, providing airtime to “YES” agitators and not giving a minute to the “NO” campaign supporters.