Hate speech manifestation by a Public TV employee

The 168.am “Revue” program hosted Sofia Hovsepyan, a member of the NA “My Step” fraction. The MP stated in her speech: “If Vahe Grigoryan boycotts the sessions and does not protect the interests of the RA  citizen, this is problematic.”

ANC (Armenian National Congress) member Gurgen Asatryan shared a video on his Facebook page and wrote: “Dear My step colleagues, how long are you going to tolerate a brainsick like this?” In the commentary of the post you can find a comment written by Public Television employee Hayk Mkhitaryan, which contains hate speech: “Put her into a gas chamber or in a Rob’s chamber.” Moreover, the latter made a note on his page; “Sofia Hovsepyan is a suicide attacker.”

No matter what power the MP represents, the Public TV employee should be more alert and responsible, such calls are unacceptable. President of the TRC (Television and Radio Commission) Tigran Hakobyan has repeatedly stated that we should refrain from hate speech. We hope that the TRC will respond to this incident.