Hrayr Tamrazyan was not neutral again

Hrayr Tamrazyan tried to justify CC Judge Vahe Grigoryan during an interview of Azatutyun TV’s Sunday Issue, broadcast on February 16. In response to Tamrazyan’s question whether it is unfair that the CC president remained in office, Gorgisyan responded: “It is very unfair, but as unfair as the fact that the president of the Central bank and the Prosecutor General remain in their positions. You are approaching the question wrongly. When Vahe Grigoryan became a Constitutional Court judge, he made up a problem, perhaps the only crisis in that structure was no one but himself, before that the authorities were successfully working with the Constitutional Court.” Tamrazyan interrupted: “But he revealed something very important.” Gorgisyan replied: “He didn’t reveal, he made it up.” Tamrazyan did not like Gorgisyan’s answers, he repeatedly interrupted the guest, expressing his indignation; “Is it bad that reforms are regularly undertaken? Is it bad when you have a leader who is legitimate? Was that good that former leaders were sleeping during meetings?”

“Media Advocate” initiative has noticed that Azatutyun expresses intolerance towards those who do not share the views of the current authorities. The journalist must be neutral, while in this case political sympathy is clearly displayed. It should be noted that the RPA spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov was also interviewed by Azatutyun this Sunday.