There has been no change in the salaries of ArmTV’s staff after the income tax leveling

Since January 1, 2020, the employment and service contracts of most of the employees of the Public Television’s Media and Analytical Programs Division have been subject to changes as a result of which, their salaries were not raised, while, according to the changes to the Tax Code, they pay 23 percent of the income tax. It should be reminded that those who received 150,000 drams previously paid 23 percent of their income tax, 28 percent of those who received 150,000 to 2 million drams, and 36 percent of those who received more than 2 million. Since January 1, everyone has to pay 23 percent income tax. According to media reports, Public TV’s staff were forced to sign new contracts. Public TV’s management, however, denied the news, saying: “No changes have been made in the 2020 related to the employee contracts. As a result of the leveling of income tax within the framework of the RA Tax Code, salaries of employees with tax bases of 150,000 drams or more have been raised.”

“Media Advocate” Initiative draws the attention of the responsible authorities to the issue, urging to clarify the details and calling for journalists to come together to protect the rights of their colleagues.