Hraparak did not violate professional ethics

Yesterday Hraparak newspaper reported that RA Minister of Territorial Administration Suren Papikyan had concealed one of his biographical episodes, according to which he had been convicted because of a conflict which occurred during his military service. The court found him guilty and after a while, he was released on amnesty shortly after serving his sentence.

Today Suren Papikyan gave clarifications on the matter via Facebook live, confirming the authenticity of the article. In addition, he addressed the NSS and police chiefs seeking to find out by means of whom and how the confidential information of his personal life had caused his name to be tarnished.

In recent days, Reporters Without Borders International has published a report stating that they are concerned about the increasing number of lawsuits against journalists in Armenia and the demand to disclose media sources. Such a statement by Suren Papikyan could be another reason for some to demand from media, in particular from Hraparak daily, to disclose a source. “Media Advocate” Initiative reminds that according to the RA legislation the media have the right not to reveal their sources.

It is alarming that many members of the CC (Civil Contract) party, Suren Papikyan’s supporters, made offensive statements addressed to Hraparak daily on the social networks and accused the media of spreading false news.

“Media Advocate” Initiative finds that Hraparak daily acted in accordance with the rules of the investigative media, it revealed an unknown episode of the biography of the public official, and presented it to the public. Offensive statements, too personal or more sensitive family topics have not been published.