Unprecedented media incident in the history of the Third Republic of Armenia. Public TV’s “Lureri bazhin” (“News Division”) discredits the Armenian Armed Forces and overshadows Armenian-Russian relations; “Media Advocate” Initiative

The information in the coverage of the Public TV broadcast on February 11 about Orsis company does not correspond to reality, head of the information department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Samvel Asatryan told Aysor.am.

It should be noted that on February 11, the Public Television, citing an anonymous source in a report on Orsis, noted that “an attempt was made to supply to Armenian Armed Forces hunting arms under the name of military.” Meanwhile, a spokesman for the General Staff of the Armed Forces states that the person interviewed in the Public Broadcaster’s report is not the commander of the Special Forces. “The person who gave an interview about Orsis is not the commander of special significance division of the Armed Forces.  He could not have the information about the arms acquired by the Armed Forces and their prices and moreover he could not have participated in the testing of these ammunition. Consequently, the presented information does not correspond to reality.” It is noteworthy that the spokesperson for the Armenian Armed Forces General Staff during an interview given to Aysor.am on Orsis company, also made remarkable remarks noting that “some people are trying to cast a shadow over the Armed Forces and the Armenian-Russian relations.”

It turns out that the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces officially announces that the Public Television funded at the expense of taxpayers, spreads misinformation, discrediting the Armenian Armed Forces and distorting the Armenian-Russian relations. The situation is truly bizarre, and this is an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of the Third Republic of Armenia.

“Media Advocate” Initiative expresses concern over the inappropriate action of a “Lureri bazhin” (“News Division”) professional media outlet of the Public Television operating at the expense of taxpayers. “Media Advocate” has repeatedly stated that a TV company funded by taxpayers, must be properly supervised by their relevant bodies, including in the context of professional media ethics and public functions. The law-enforcement bodies of the Public Television Company do not have sufficient will to control the operation of taxpayer-financed media management and to comply with professional media standards.

“Media Advocate” will continue monitoring the Public TV’s broadcasting and will consistently inform the public of the violations of statutory functions, the professional ethics of the taxpayer-financed TV Company