The Russian Embassy in Armenia made a statement expressing concern over the statement of the TRC chairman Tigran Hakobyan

The Russian Embassy in Armenia today issued a statement expressing concern over the statement by the Chairman of the TRC Tigran Hakobyan. According to it, the broadcasting of foreign television channels (including Russian) by the public multiplex poses a threat to the national security of Armenia.

During 2019, “Media Advocate” initiative regularly made statements on this issue, organized public discussions on existing issues of the public multiplex and regarding the new draft law “On Television and Radio”. “Media Advocate” initiative has repeatedly publicly alarmed that the new draft law on the multiplex and the approaches of the Armenian authorities, including the TRC, regarding broadcasting policies, are at least disputable and will cause further problems not only with local broadcasters, but also with foreign partners.

“Media Advocate” initiative once again urges the RA authorities to be extremely responsible when developing the new law “On Television and Radio”, considering both the interests of local media entities and existing relations with the foreign partners.