TRC Head Tigran Hakobyan refrains from assessing Public Television

“Media Advocate” Initiative received clarifications from the head of the TRC (Television and Radio Commission) Tigran Hakobyan in relation to the report broadcasted by the Public Television which operates at the expense of taxpayers. ArmTV’s video report contained obvious pro-government propaganda and violated the presumption of innocence. Speaking to us, Tigran Hakobyan noted that he has no point of view on the report and added that he does not watch the Public Television. He also noted that the TRC does not deal with such problems. “The Public Television has its Council, which is the structure to deal with such cases.” In response to our question whether it is right for them to judge themselves, Tigran Hakobyan briefly answered; yes, it is .

Tigran Hakobyan’s statement seemed strange to us, as it turns out that the TRC head does not follow the broadcast of the Public Television, the one operating at the expense of taxpayers, but rather watches private television broadcasts and from time to time publishes monitoring data on their broadcast content on his Facebook page. It should also be reminded that on January 29, the head of the TRC stated at a press conference that the Commission’s monitoring team is watching the TV companies. It turns out that either the staff of the TRC failed to do their job and did not notice the obvious political propaganda of the Public Television operating at the expense of the taxpayers, or the monitoring team simply did not report to Tigran Hakobyan about the pro-governmental propaganda case which appeared during the news broadcast of the Public Television.

It is also strange that the report which, according to media, is made by Prime Minister Pashinyan’s direct involvement and matches Pashinyan’s political preferences, is posted by the Prime Minister on his Facebook page, which means that Prime Minister watches Public Television and has a point of view concerning the report but unlike him, the head of the Television and Radio Commission, Tigran Hakobyan neither watches ArmTV, nor follows the activities of the Public Television. However, strange things do not end there։ minutes after his comment given to “Media Advocate” Initiative, Mr. Hakobyan posted the monitoring data of the Public Television’s broadcast content on his Facebook page.

“Media Advocate” urges TRC Head Tigran Hakobyan to give a clear assessment to the Public Television’s January 29th news issue and to come to conclusion whether the TRC is conducting the monitoring of the Public Television operating at the expense of taxpayers, or not?