“Media Advocate” initiative urges the authorities not to fight against dissent

On January 28, founders and supporters of “Adekvad” oppositional movement, the founder of the VETO initiative, Narek Malyan were arrested from different parts of Yerevan, moreover, the founder of Antifake.am news agency Narek Samsonyan, was also detained at the entrance to his house. The aforementioned individuals regularly criticize Nikol Pashinyan and his political team.

“Media Advocate” Initiative reminds that detained Konstantin Ter-Nakalyan and Narek Samsonyan, are heads of media outlets (Blognews.am, Antifake.am). In the current situation, it becomes clear that the above-mentioned individuals were detained and searched for their opposition views. It was later revealed that they were suspected of possessing illicit ammunition and drugs, but nothing was found and they were released.

“Media Advocate” initiative urges the authorities not to fight against dissent and opposition-minded public political figures and media outlets, and not to suppress freedom of speech, particularly the oppositional speech. “Media Advocate” finds the steps of the authorities’ to create an atmosphere of fear and the practice of hurried decisions worrisome: the involvement of the power structures in these processes is unacceptable as well.

It is noteworthy that Narek Samsonyan, who had been near the building of the General Department on Combating Organized Crime for a long time, was not detained there and was only “discovered” at the entrance to his house.